Running Cassandra on EC2

As the founder of Cassandra London it was left to me to provide the first talk; hopefully this won’t be necessary every month! To kick things off I talked about running Cassandra on Amazon EC2. At VisualDNA we run a production cluster on EC2; but this hasn’t been without its difficulties!

This talk covers the advantages and disadvantages of running Cassandra on EC2 and includes some I/O benchmarks – including some excellent work from Corey Hulen. There is also a basic overview of what actually happens when Cassandra reads and writes (although this is simplified to a single node).

The main reason that EC2 could be problematic really comes down to I/O performance, and perhaps more importantly the predictability of I/O performance. This aside, there are many reasons why you may want to use EC2. This interview with Adrian Cockcroft looks at why Netflix chose to go down the EC2 route and is a recommended read.

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  1. Richard says:

    Thanks, this metrics in these slides are extremely useful not only for cassandra but for any I/O intensive processes.



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